I like a good compelling story, a bit of drama. Don’t we all?<visual distortion within thick sea mist><observing the journey of jellyfish venom through one’s bloodstream><asking the animals of the mountain for mercy in a state of advanced dehydration><the ‘dolly zoom’ sensation experienced mid point between two land masses when rowing for twelve hours>Through a process of interviewing, writing, transcribing, crafting and analysis I have been abstracting and retelling stories. Outcomes have been in the form of video and installation. The experiences which form the content of my work are complex and multi dimensional. I and my subjects (this year Niamh Scullion, rower with Lagan Curraghs, and Morna McKittrick, a hill walker) describe deeply personal physical and physiological sensations while being inside our bodies, inside intense encounters with nature. I use language as a malleable conceptual and visual material creating space for alternative narratives to be invented. Crisp text, electrical light/digital video, and bright perspex are effective in their artifice as tools to explore and express these natural, yet often psychedelic, sensual experiences. Susan Hughes graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in 2008. She has completed numerous artist residencies in Ireland, Norway and Iceland and has been in receipt of Arts Council Northern Ireland funding on several occasions.