"About Me: Hello, I am Sudipta Patra, I am a 2d and 3d concept artist and a 3d generalist who loves to merge mediums together to create art, my main interests are concept art, matte painting, and character art in VFX and film industry. I hope to show these skills in my upcoming short film ‘Jake & Sidd: The Beast of Obsidian Peak’. After graduation I hope to further develop my skills in more freelance and studio work and further develop my skills as a concept artist and a Matte Painter. Project Blurb: As Jake and Sidd make comic book together, a clash of their excitable and logical dispositions leads to an encounter with the beast from Obsidian Peak itself. The must confront their own Creation that threaten their treehouse, as well as their difference that threaten their friendship.
As part of the team my main contribution to the project includes multiple roles such as Lead concept artist responsible for the style development and character artist responsible for sidd’s character modelling to texturing. I also did lighting, matte painting and compositing for the short.



Sudipta Patra