"Roula Patra is a Greek visual artist and a forensic photographer based in Athens, Greece. She is currently studying her MFA in Photography, at the University of Ulster and a MA in Photography & Visual Language at MIddlesex University - AKTO Art & Design College, Athens. She is a holder of a BA in Photography by MIddlesex University – AKTO Art & Design College, Athens, graduating with a First-Class Degree in 2019. She has a nineteen-year experience in forensic photography, and she has participated in a series of workshops and seminars in creative and forensic practices, as also in several group exhibitions from 2011 until 2019 in Athens, Greece. Her works emerge from experience and her practices are based on experimentation with the female body, photography, and video being her key mediums.

Her work The Duo Project emerges from the experience of being a woman within social frames, rigidly defined by socio-cultural conventions. It manifests that love determines relationships, behaviors, and gender identities and not biology, which is the start of everything but not the final destination. As a performative, meta-photographic, multi-layered, and multi-media artwork, moves from the relationship of two non-biologically linked women -her and her stepdaughter- to a more socio-political context, providing a new basis for female relationships, behaviors, and lives, contributing to the elimination of oppressive situations experienced by women.
The Duo Project is one piece of work in two parts, The Past We Never Had and A Life Together. It presents a new kind of family with the two personas having dual roles in whole its creation. It is an ongoing project, an open question, and a continual collaboration of her and her stepdaughter, challenging people's expectations both of family photography and of the single photograph.