"As an artist, representation is what matters to me, the ability to create it with the stroke of a brush or the mark of a pen is something to be valued. The mantra for my work is a simple one:

It shouldn’t take a fantasy for you to see yourself in a story.

This was the driving force behind my final project ‘Knightingales’, an illustrated collection of lovely ladies and daring dames brought together in a keepsake pocketbook; its art and stories intended to shine a light on the sapphic heroines housed within its pages, proving that there truly is a place for women as the protagonists of a fantasy world.

Combining spreads of my own detailed artwork and areas of hand painted marginalia within the text that provide space for notetaking and imaginings of one’s own I hope to bring back the art of the active reader. Not only do I want to provide representation as a creator; producing images to act as a reflection for all those who haven’t yet had the chance to see themselves, I also want those people to feel as though they have a right to that place within the spotlight and possibly, after taking in this fantasy work, be inspired to create a story of their own.