Hi! My name is Shannon. I have a great passion foranimation and have done since I was a littlegirl begging my mom to buy me another Disney videofrom the corner shop and yes I am thatold, sometimes it feels older with these animationwrists and question mark posture has meinquiring my own age everyday with these back achesbut with determination and hard work afew bumps and bruises along the way ain’t that bad.I love visual development and creatingenvironments as well as character design. I work mainlyin 2D but have had experience workingin 3D in the past. My next upcoming project is titledThe Big Sad where we follow a young boyinto the unknown of grief through a monochromaticcolour scheme.Blurb-The Big Sad follows a father and son on an adventurethey never knew was coming one couldsay it was unexpected. We follow our young friendthrough the stages of grief as he experiencesthe loss of his father through a monochromatic colourscheme. The boy must face the trials thatare associated with each stage and overcome what heis feeling to reach the other side ofacceptance. Death can be scary for many but as a childit is terrifying to lose your hero, yourbest friend oh so suddenly.



Shannon Murray