"About Me
Hello! My name’s Shannon, and during my time at Ulster I have become a creative thinker and problem solver who aims to share meaningful and entertaining stories through the medium of 3D animation. I am a 3D generalist, however I have an affinity for world building through the creation of environments and props that uniquely reflect characters and support the narrative. I also have a keen interest in the production management side of things. After graduation, I aspire to be part of a studio that grounds itself in creating content that makes a difference.

Project Blurb
As Jake and Sidd make a comic book together, a clash of their excitable and logical dispositions leads to an encounter with the beast from Obsidian Peak itself. They must confront their own creation that threatens their treehouse, as well as their differences that threaten their friendship.
As part of a team, my main contributions to ‘Jake & Sidd: The Beast of Obsidian Peak’ involved organisation of the production, as well as the creation of props and assets for environments.



Shannon McAfee