My final outcome is a set of dinner plates for two people consisting of a starter dish, main dish, side dish and sauce bowl. For this project I decided to draw inspiration from my family heritage, looking at my family tartan, symbol and family members, primarily myself and my mother and the bond between a mother and daughter. The starter dish has a simple rectangular form with curved edges. The outside of the dish has a thicker version of my signature texture and is painted a warm yellow that matches the colour of my family tartan, the inside of the of the dish has been painted a warm cream colour as it matches well with the yellow on the outside of the dish. The main dish is a large bowl with my family emblem on the front in relief. For this piece I used my signature texture and chose to add a rough edge to the bowl to give it an organic and aged look. The family emblem consists of a black belt that is inscribed with the words "In Time" with an hourglass in the centre. Like my starter dish I used the same family yellow for the outside and cream colour for the inside of the vessel. For my side dish I creatte a plate that has the shape of a book. The book illustrated my family name and a portrait of an individual family member on the left and on the right a list of my family members, with the name that matches the portrait on the left underlined in red. In the bottom right corner of the book for I painted my family tartan, using the same yellow I paint the edges of the book to tie all of my pieces together. Finally in the centre of the table there is a small pot that would be used to hold sauces or other small grazing foods such as nuts. Like the rest of my vessels I have used consistent colours of yellow and cream, however for this vessel I decided to invert the colours so that the outside of the ish was painted a cream colour and the inside a warm yellow. The vessel also has an illusteated "H" on the front in the same font as used on the books, this "H" is a simple illustration on the first intial of my family name.



Sarah Houston