About Me:
Much like everyone else in the industry, I’ve always had a deep-seated love and admiration for animation. The ability to bring characters to life from doodles on a page is nothing short of magic, and I enjoy both working on and watching it happen each step of the way. With a particular interest in the works of stylized characters I want to learn more methods and techniques to allow my own to become both recognizable and compelling pieces of art worthy of the stories that they need to tell. I have knowledge and experience in modelling, texturing and animating, with a decent understanding of rigging too. With this, after University I aim to both improve my abilities in this process and to find work that will help me in this goal.

Project Blurb:
For my final year, I chose a project that helped me focus on the pipeline of character creation, from concept to animation, with the hopes of creating two characters ready for implementation into an animated short or game. I wanted to work on a fun project focusing on making fun, friendly, recognizable characters by blending 2D facial features onto 3D models. This includes two stylized characters: a daft, old wizard; and his excitable, young apprentice. To do this I used Z-Brush, Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro. With this character showcase I hope to get across the personalities of both these characters, and to give you an idea into the type of person they both are.



Ronan Mallon