Hello! My name is Becca Johnson and I am a final year student, specialising in embroidery at Belfast school of art, studying Textile Art, Design and Fashion. I embroider to express or relax myself. I have done since my mother taught me how to sew at the age of 12 and it has helped me through some trying times, leading me to chase a career in Art Psychotherapy. I also try and aim to invoke warmth, nostalgia, and positive emotion from the viewer through my creations as a result. Using needle and thread in different techniques such as hand stitch or a multi needle embroidery machine is my preferred method of painting a picture. The fine threads allow me to create intricate pieces that are detail oriented and highly colour focused. Allowing me to recreate the image or drawing that I am working from. My current work is inspired by my mother's country of origin, and my heritage, Belize. Often throughout my young adult life I was bullied for being "different", and now it is something that I greatly celebrate, and want to show off to the world. I have been creating pieces from mine and my family's memories and time there. My final aim is to create one large exhibition. Which will be made up of different sized embroideries ranging from 10cm to 50cm. Showing and glorifying all the different aspects of the country and the daily life, coming together to portray a virtual photo album.



Rebecca Johnson