About Me
Hi! I’m Piers, an Animator and 3D Artist with a deep passion for fictional worlds and characters. Throughout my time at Ulster University, I’ve learned the technical skills needed to bring my characters to life through the lens of 3D Animation, a field that I’ve since gained a deep passion for. With my project ‘Dog Days’, I’ve tried to expand my technical knowledge into the field of game engines, as well as fulfilling my long-held desire to create my own love letter to games and the power of their interactive storytelling. After graduation I aim to enter the field of character animation and tell stories that move and inspire.
Project Blurb:
In the near-future British dystopia of ‘New Albion’, a man and his dog are sleeping rough. Riots and civil unrest rock the city streets by day, and by night, they must scavenge what they can to survive. After a rough night’s rest inside an old Antiques shop, they awake to a backpack low on supplies. Their only hope now rests inside the New Albion Rations Building, but getting inside won’t be easy…
Inspired by the work of game studios like Bioware and Telltale Games, ‘Dog Days’ is an Unreal Engine 4 game with a branching narrative and exploration elements.



Piers Niblock