My graphic design projects first started with creating a new font. In the beginning I definetly struggled to find a finialized alphabet that I was happy with.After development I was pleased with my final outcomes.I used neon colours to make the letters stand out,pverlaying the shapes to give a cool effect.They have similar shape to the first rough fonts but more cleaned up and more in the direction I was originally going in.For the second brief we created posters and instagram posts for an exhibition of our choice, I decided to go with the John Moores Painting Prize 2020. For My final poster design,I decided to go with a ripped paper effect to reveal different paintings in the exhibition underneath.There is just a simple black font with the exhibition details in the corner, the shape of the font matches with the original John Moores tear that I incorporated into the poster .Overall I'm really pleased with how the poster turned out,although a bit simplistic I think it reflects the brightness and uniquness of the exhibition.For the last brief for our module we were tasked with creating a deisgn for Translink for there proposed bus route from Ulster University to Queens.I decided to keep my design bright and incorporate geometric shapes aswell as the bus route spread across the bus.I think the design is welcoming and bright to suit the brief.



Mirren McFeely