About me: Hello! I’m Megan. I am a recent animation graduate from Ulster University Belfast, I specialise in design and 2D animation. My main interests lie in children’s television due to my work experience with Big Bad Boo Studios. Although my time with the studio was cut short due to covid19, it helped me realise my passion for working on fun and creative projects. I also have a love for painting and design which can be reflected in my freelance work. When I am not working, I enjoy exploring and documenting my adventures with photography. I look forward to contributing to a studio environment as I am constantly looking to develop my skills and grow professionally.

Project Blurb:
For my major project, I produced a 2D animated short. It was created using Photoshop and After Effects. The BIG Splash follows young girl named Maisy who is enjoying herself at an outdoor swimming pool. Maisy notices how much fun everyone is having going down the slide and wants to join in. But when she approaches the steps they seem to go on forever and the fear sets in. Will she be brave enough to overcome her crippling fear and make it to the top of the slide?



Megan Sutton