Personal BlurbMatthew is a 3D artist with a keen interest in asset modelling, rigging and texturing. Matthew also has experience as a motion designer, creating illustrations and graphics for 2D animation. Matthew particularly enjoys tackling new software, problem solving and using motion graphics to create an engaging piece of media. On his collaborative short film, ‘CATALYST’ he was responsible for Rigging, 3D asset modelling, texturing and animating. Following graduation, Matthewhopes to further develop his 3D modelling and motion graphic skills whilst working within the industry.

Project BlurbEvery great change begins with one action. In the distant future, a fleet of drones descend upon a desolate city, enforcing an oppressive mission, to protect and serve. As Cas receives the call to aid a robot in need, she must escape her pursuers by weaving through the night streets, guided by her robot companion, Chip -her virtual eyes and ears. Driven by her rebellious nature, Cas has a single goal, to survive. ‘CATALYST’ is an upcoming animated short film by Matthew Kernaghan, Caitlin Gillespie and Patrick Gallagher at Ulster University.



Matthew Kernaghan