Project Title: Wolfsbane

Project Blurb:
Wolfsbane is a solo portfolio piece that showcases the creation of a realistic 3D medieval fantasy character and a giant wolf, with some accompanying assets. Wolfsbane is inspired by Castlevania, Game of Thrones, The Witcher and Assassins Creed. The project was assisted with mentoring from Dr Henry Melki and Gianni Francessco.

About Me:
Matthew is a 3D Generalist and a Character Creature Artist with a diverse skill set, specialising in CGI realism, producing work of a high standard that is detail orientated. Matthew has a passion for learning and developing his creative and technical processes. He has a keen eye for detail, allowing him to adapt to different workflows, pipelines and software, assisting him in achieving photorealism. Matthew possesses knowledge in lateral roles assisting with problem solving and the optimisation of tasks.

Matthew can work independently and is also a valued team member, who can work to tight deadlines, whilst communicating effectively to enable collaborative working.
“Producing quality work isn't going to succeed ... unless it's driven by passion and a goal shared by the collective.”

Matthew has been involved in various freelance projects including Cinemagic, BBC NI and Italic Pig, which offered invaluable insight into the industry. In his free time Matthew likes exploring and experimenting with his own creative designs and ideas through personal projects within 3D space.



Matthew Kane