Practice My work is driven by an interest in humanity, particularly in the context of masculinity, illness, vulnerability, LGBTQ+ and self-portraiture. I am intrigued by idea that each individual has a unique set of inherent traits, experiences, beliefs and influences that shape their personalities, their desires, their sexuality etc. My practice seeks to explore these factors which form individual and group thinking and behaviour. Background Martin Reynolds is an Irish born, London based photographer. His practice and work are influenced by an interest in humanity and human behaviour.  He is part of the LGBTQ+ community. MFA, Photography, Belfast Fine Arts, Ulster University, completing in 2021.  Prior to developing his photographic practice, he worked for 20 years in corporate consulting specifically within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Business Analytic sectors. Following the sale in 2010 he took up Photography and has been practicing since. The photographic work has progressed from street and portrait photography to a current focus on the human response to trauma. In 2021, his work “Reversing Through the Rear View” Chapter 3 was released. It is visual storytelling (photographs and drawings), using reconstructed self-portraits covering a period of trauma, cancer, between 2008-2010. The methodologies used are creative Autopathography and Phototherapy. The work is available for wall hanging, video and will be published in a photobook later this year.