" Lauren Ciara McCullough is a recent graduate of the BA Course in Fine art at Ulster University, attaining a First Class Honours. Her practice focuses centrally on painting, however it stems into areas such as drawing, poetry, collage, photography and most recently walking. The sublime is the central motif of McCullough’s practice. A practice of questioning whether it is possible to convey something beyond self and the earthly reality, through image and paint?

The imagery presented in show through painting and drawing, aim to convey the very being of nature through the presentation of landscape as abstraction.  McCullough’s’ approach is built upon the premise that beauty and sublimity are interconnected and interrelated. The intention of her work is to create and articulate imagery, which both evokes the sublime and captures her own faith and spirituality. 
Throughout the course of the MFA drawing has become an equal to painting within McCullough’s practice, battling for more time and intention. The drawings inform, support and re-translate her paintings but also are an entity of their own. She would now not only identify as a painter but as an image-maker.

In order to portray the conceptual themes of the sublime McCullough creates subtle symbolism which rearticulates the relationship between religious experience and nature, and which reflects our connection to the natural world. These symbols are hidden within the painting and the drawing, amongst the ‘chaos of nature’. Yet the nature (pieces of work) looks chaotic from afar when in focus it can be seen as intentional, meticulously placed and designed. This mimics the divine creators hand, wild untamed landscape can seem chaotic yet … carefully considered and intended.



LAUREN McCullough