"Katrīna Tračuma:
As a multidisciplinary visual artist, this somewhat autobiographical work is created through the prism of also being a vegan, multilingual, queer citizen of the world – while reflecting on the sense of overwhelm and frustration felt in regards to our current impact on the environment and all fellow earthlings. Within our current era of the anthropocene, many of the seemingly personal symbols and linguistic tropes used within the artwork draw on parallels found within pop culture references and mirror universally identifiable behaviours within a consumerist society.
These observations are mainly manifested through the use of curated colourful plastic trash material, a daily pandemic diary style sketchbook, and a series of video works forming a personal broadcasting media apparatus; while employing investigations into theatrical clowning and the art of drag. Aiming to highlight how animality – a construct that oppresses anyone who deviates from what our culture considers to be an ideal human – is an integral part of all of the oppression experienced under patriarchal rule.º Through a plorkº process that is not only a means to an end, but also a form of creative escapism and therapy, while strongly adhering to values of eco consciousness. 
º Racism as Zoological Witchcraft – a guide to getting out, by Aph Ko, illustrations by Alise and Jack Estgate, foreword by Claire Jean Kim; Lantern Books, 2019.
º A term combining the notions of work and play into one action. 
As part of the main artwork installation, Katrīna will also be presenting 2 videos, 2 art books, and 7 original drawing and painting merged postcards EXCLUSIVELY on her Patreon page.