The experience of being denied whilst craving touch is a feeling that gay people are intimately familiar with. Not familial hugs or friendly pats but the touch of someone who wants to be lost within the landscape of your skin and to feel you in a way that means knowing you. It is how all of us who are gay grew up and this period of self-denial, regardless of duration, is a touchstone within both our gay and masculine identities. It therefore seems apt that my monograph, From the Inside of the Edge, was conceptualised in a year where all of society was instructed to keep out of physical reach from one another. Gay boys become men knowing feelings of confusion, shame, and loneliness, and many continue to grapple with these malignant companions, all of which are born from the yearning of this tabooed touch. For those who have conquered these internal struggles and allowed themselves to simply be who they are, have experienced sensations of trepidatious freedom and euphoric contentment; an emancipation allowing them to touch and to be touched. Through this embrace, hope and love can live.  From the Inside of the Edge is an exploration of gay men’s emerging desires and consequent wrestle with guilt, and to leave you with an understanding that for some a touch is more than skin on skin but the realisation of who they are.