Hi, i'm Joel! I am a motion graphic designer with a huge passion for graphic design and animating graphics/illustrations. I've an interest for graphics, merchandise and motion graphics. The main focus of my work is motion graphic design, making graphics and little pieces of merchandise. In my final year I have been developing my graphic design and animation skills. I hope to showcase my skills through my final year project called "Wild Shore" which is a portfolio project about a beer brand I created and brought to life. I aim to build my portfolio by using this project, but also using the commissions I have completed throughout the year, developing my motion graphics skills tailored to social media.

Project Blurb
Wild Shore is a beer brand created by myself. It's forged with this idea of adventure and life being better when your friends and family are together. I created everything from the logo, slogan, mock ups, posters and the animated promotional assets using Adobe Dimension, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.



Joel Ferguson