Ian F. Simpson is an artist who has spent much of his creative career developing commercial studios and creative business support across numerous time zones; with periods of working in Film and Television, editorial photography and education -- from lecturing in Photography at a number of universities, producing a legacy of artwork in high schools, to creating a giant camera obscura out of a bus at a local primary school. His work is currently moving into a participatory practice and ongoing research in masculinities, gender identity and mental health in isolation. His future interdisciplinary artwork is exploring the potency of photography, sculpture, poetry and interactivity as a form of education, therapy, activism and awareness in public place, outside the walls of a gallery.‘Control’ is an insight into the relationship between men, masculinity and landscape. This collection tells the story of rural men. Using space, form, landscape and language, it reveals their vulnerability in isolation, working to show how they navigate their patriarchal inheritance. The title of the collection is influenced by personal observations and experiences and how historic male expectations continue to control, affecting each new generation. Metaphorical use of a decaying, centuries old farm shelter, totemically standing as a significant defiance in the face of nature; a tombstone, celebrating the heroes that came before; the containment of a patchwork of straight lines, jarring the softer undulations of the landscape, home to the ghosts of our past. This series reveals the hidden, the broken, the seclusion, the fragility and offers a critique of humanities’ desire to dominate. At the beginning of this research, continuous use and exploration of photography aided the understanding of masculinities in the plural, and the many ways in which men behave, or become, under the increased scrutiny of a fragile patriarchy.