"Hello there! I’m Emma Cooke and I am a final year Product Design Student at Ulster University.
I am a designer who wants to help people and want to make a difference by improving the lives of others. My final year project focuses on combating indoor air pollution in developing countries, inspired by a build I was apart of with Habitat for Humanity in Ethiopia, you start to see how life is different even down to completing simple daily tasks, and cooking was something I wanted to go into and change to make this everyday task safer as it should be for everyone.
Aerglan is a communal cooking space designed to provide women a fuel efficient, safe, and a functional robust stove for a community to use and share without the risks of damaging their health. Designed to use wood as its main fuel source the heat is contained, designed for a complete combustion and with the added technology feature including a solar panel and a power bank allowing people to charge their personal devices and lastly a fan to control the oxygen intake while burning the fuel.
The premise behind this project is to provide people with a safer and healthier way to cook without damaging their health and the environment. It's important to show and teach people on what the problem is and how they can improve as it will not only improve their health but also will help our planet as we combat this big issue of air pollution. Cause in the end everyone has the right to clean air.