Throughout my Graphic design and illustration work I decided I wanted to create and finalise my projects with simplicity and creativity. One of my favourites projects was creating a poster and four Instagram posts for a choosen exhibition, the exhibition I choose was The MAC, Peter Liversidge: Sign Paintings for Belfast. I feel that the process of this project gave me an insight of the different aspects within the project, it allowed me to create different designs and ideas that are my own style so therefore which best describes my artwork. I also got to create my very own typeface which really had my mind thinking, I decided to call my typeface Glitched Out mainly for the fact that it is shown to be a glitchy effect. I really enjoyed the translink bus design as I was able to think outside the box and was able to create a bus design with endless ideas especially ideas that could represent translink and Ulster University which I feel the design I created suited best for the representation.



Emily Kearns