Hi there! I'm a 2D animator and graphic designer from Donegal. I have a love for bright colours and silly concepts. I started animating for the very first time during this course and I've come to both enjoy the process and learn so much. I tried out both hand-drawn animation and After Effects animation and I really love both workflows with their different aesthetics and challenges. After graduating, I'm committed to keep improving my knowledge of the animation principles and developing as a creative. I'd specifically love to do more After Effects character animation in future. Most recently you can find me working in RTE as Assistant Motion Graphic Designer.
My major project is a 2D After Effects rig using Duik and Rubberhose. I worked across everything from character design to rigging to final animation. This was a challenging yet fun project that took a lot of experimentation and iteration, and really put my design and problem-solving skills to the test.



Deborah Foy