"Valanti (or Andy) Athanasiou is a Visual Artist and printmaker, living in Northern Ireland. After completing her foundation Year of Art and Design and receiving her BDes in Interior Design she proceeded to further develop her practice and was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Design. She was then accepted in the MFA Fine Art and she is now on her final year. Valanti has participated and exhibited her work in many galleries throughout the years. Through her practice she explores the concept of life, death and time in relation to the cosmos and the self.
She uses different media such as photography, video, printmaking, painting and installations to express the subliminal emotions experienced in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial spaces and places. Through her artwork she tries to provoke and materialise a sense of loss, challenge interpretations and explore the consequence this has to the essence of ideas, beyond the meaning or interpretation linked with everyday words. She believes beauty can be found not in perfection but also in everything surrounding us, she focuses on the unpresentable, the transcendent and the uncanny.
For her final MFA work Valanti uses photography and video to create a laconic dialogue between the old (analogue photography) and the new (digital video recorder).
Τhe text below illustrates the intangible nature of her work:
“The two dancing together on the stage of life and death, searching in eternity for something to hold on, moments of absence, moments that have already been gone.
And if you want to take part in this dialogue of the old and new, be an observer, be a wanderer of time and change, that lead you away, journey to unpresentable unknowns, ask questions about the true nature of the phenomenal world, of their Form and Idea, that sometimes anchoring us to the illusion of anachronistic symbols”"