As a fashion designer I love to draw on everyday concepts to shape and pivot my designs and translate them into creative, signature garments evoking a sense of spiritedness but with a strong sense of purpose and origin. I am intrigued by the idea of how the clothes we wear can make us feel, combining bright and vibrant colours, prints and bold textures to create spirited and playful cohesive collections. For me, the connection between an original concept and its discerning adaptation into my designs and creations is critical. I feel that it is this affinity with the concept to end garment that gives the personal distinctiveness to my garments and collections. In this particular collection I have drawn on influences from the fishing industry and sought to combine the practicality of the male dominated profession of commercial fishing softened with traditional icons of femininity and elegance. This juxtaposition between practicality and femininity can be viewed as being symbolic of tension and harmony that often exists between males and females. My work therefore revisits these ideas of tension and harmony; with a sense of hardness diffused with softness and yet with an overall complementarity that just works. The collection is centred around life by the sea for the modern woman. In common with my general approach to fashion design my aim has been to create garments that evoke emotions and and a sense of affiliation. My colour palette has been influenced by primary imagery of summer picnics by the sea with the silhouettes based on traditional fisherman apparel, with a relaxed, adaptable and easy fit. My designs are a combination of practicality and function through garments that provide protection from the elements with details such as pockets, flaps and hoods. This is enhanced with the added contrast of soft, textured fabrics and traditionally feminine flourishes such as large bows, pleats and puffed sleeves which exudes femininity, gentleness and softness.



Aoife Reynolds