Personal Bio:

Hi there! I’m Aoífe, an artist with a passion for character design and storytelling, which I hope really shines through in my project! I enjoy working in an anime-inspired style and when I’m not busy working on one of my personal projects, I like to create fanart for my favourite games and shows and put my own spin on things! This year gave me the chance to create an entire storybook on my own, which was a lot more challenging than I thought it’d be, but I gave it my all and learned a lot along the way.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Project Bio:

All young witches learn the story of the Moon Rabbits - magical creatures who used to guide witches through the night until one day, they mysteriously vanished.

After hearing the story from her teacher in class, Mimi wishes to one day meet a real Moon Rabbit and find out where they went all those years ago.

And sometimes, when you’re lucky enough, wishes can come true in the most unexpected ways!

Mimi & the Moon Rabbit is a picture book targeted at 7 to 8 year olds, but will surely be a magical read for all the family!



Aoife McErlain