About me

I appreciate a wide range of Animation techniques and my influences include the animated fantasy creatures from Guillermo Del Toro and Ray Harryhausen films. During my time studying I was keen to learn the animation pipeline so I could understand the processes involved in producing a finished product. For my major project I decided to create a 3D animation and developed my animation, computer modelling, texturing, rigging and real-time rendering skills. I look for inspiration from a wide range of sources (e.g. artists, exhibitions, films etc.) and I would like my work to entertain people of all ages. I am looking forward to bringing new characters to life, learning from technical and artistic challenges, and having fun developing my animation skills in future projects.

Project Blurb

Dragged into darkness is an animation about a young boy who is hunted and captured by a three headed troll. The troll brings the boy back to his cave and prepares to cook him for dinner. While the troll is distracted, the boy manages to escape and tries to hide. In the process of trying to catch the boy again, the troll is magically transformed into a bird. The boy captures the bird, takes the trolls treasure and escapes the cave unharmed.



Anthony Rogan